Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Break: Continental Shelf - Pictures from Days 1 and 2

The laptop has officially been cleared for the ship's network, so in the future I'll be integrating pictures into the posts.  For now though, read the previous post and see if you can match these pictures up to it.

Home for the next two and a half weeks.

The hardware.

Cliffs of Block Island during the shakedown cruise.

Pixelated boat party south of Block Island.  Gotta love digital zoom.

Newport Bridge at night.  In shaky-cam.

View out the porthole.  Clearly the weather was foreshadowing seasickness.

They can't all be nice days.  This was before it even got rough.

This boat has a boat on it.  Your point is irrelevant.

Sadly no pictures of interesting marine life yet, and with the boat in port getting worked over it'll probably be a couple days, but stay tuned and sooner or later I will at least have an action shot of a puking dogfish. 


  1. From Jane: Made it on to the site! Hope won't take you long to get your sea legs again and into some dogfish, but I'm glad you're in port out of the big storm I've heard about up there.

  2. gotta love the back-up boat...just in case.